Jakub Role: Instructor.

Location: Plant City, FL

E-mail: lof@golemgear.com
Web site: http://www.golemgear.com
Telephone: +1-813-363-9774

Jakub is an owner of Golem Gear, Inc., purveyors of advanced expedition grade diving equipment.

Jakubs diving interests are geared towards cave diving and rebreathers.  He was a member of an exploration team that mapped and connected Beacon Woods Cave System to Wayne’s World system, creating second longest underwater traverse in Florida at the time (~12,000 feet), and a member of an expedition that explored, mapped, and provided video documentation of Cenote Xla-kah under Dzibilchaltun Archeological Site, Yucatan, Mexico. 

Jakub has worked as a stunt diver for the movie “Cave” as well as several documentaries. He has experience with many rebreathers from pure Oxygen units, through SCRs and all flavors of CCRs. He dives rebreathers exclusively since 2004 . Jakub has built several rebreathers and even dives some of them.